Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guest Review by Rachel

Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

rating: 7.5 out of 10 "books"

Death Note: Another Note is a branch off of the popular main Death Note manga/anime series. The novel first starts off being narrated by a previous main series character named Mello. Naomi Misora, the main character, is mysteriously contacted by notorious L (yes his name is simply a letter, but one of many names that he goes by), to help work on a case, known as the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. The gruesome serial killer in question is terrorizing the streets and has been leaving strange clues behind for the police force to discover. Naomi Misora is serving as L’s eyes and while she is at one crime scene, runs into a bizarre man, named Ryuzaki, who claims to be a detective hired by the victims families. As the story progresses, we begin to find out that the past somehow links the killer and L together. What follows is an intense search for the truth and a battle for justice.

Being a past follower of the Death Note manga and anime series, I enjoyed this book. I do not recommend this book to those who are not familiar with the main series, though, because it would be difficult to understand a lot of the terms used throughout the novel. The complexity of the characters transitions well to this novel from the original Death Note series, and makes for an interesting read. To all those manga/anime fans, and to anyone looking for something new and different to read, I recommend this book.

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