Friday, July 13, 2012

Rediscovering an old friend...

Happy Friday the 13th bloggers!! So... to point out the obvious, I've been crazy MIA (like almost a year MIA). A lot has been going on over on my end (excuses, excuses, I know..). I've gone through a few more jobs (I swear sometimes I feel like my job is getting new jobs, but it's honestly never my intention to jump ship so soon when I'm at a new job), and my next adventure will be working as a High School librarian!! I am so excited not only because of the fun group of people I'm going to get to be around all day, but also because this will finally be my first full time job. With the economy being what is has been (guh!!! what can't be said of our economic condition), I haven't been able to secure a full time job in like 3 years since graduating from Library School. Crazy!! It's about time :)

My boyfriend and I bought a house this past October and we still have little to no furniture. It's great being a first-time homeowner it just takes a lot out of us. Keeping up with 3 acres of lawn with a one speed walking mower is not a walk in the park :P

I'm also GETTING MARRIED in the fall! Planning this wedding, no matter that it's a small wedding, has kept me insanely busy and I'm going a little crazy over it! I'm trying to DIY as much of it as I can, and since we are not planning on having a bridal party, I am left to do everything myself. So that's a little bit of where I am at right now. How are you all doing? Where has life taken you recently? I promise, promise, promise I will try to update more often. I hope those who have followed me in the past have not given up on me!! Until then, Have a great Friday the 13th! This will be our last one for 2012 so go all out!

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