Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pottermore Update!!

Alright bloggers... if you stopped by yesterday you might remember me going on about J.K. Rowling's announcement regarding her newest Harry Potter venture. This morning, at about 7am Pottermore was finally revealed. At the Pottermore Website Rowling explained her mysterious new project. As a thank you for fans readership, J.K. Rowling wants to give something unique back to fans. She explains that the website will include the same Harry Potter story, "with a few crucial additions," one of the most important being it's site visitors. Pottermore, a place to "share, participate, and rediscover the Harry Potter stories," is a website built by it's users and offers a "safe unique online reading experience."

Rowling also states that she will be an active participant in the site, and include never before shared information regarding the world of Harry Potter. While the site doesn't go live until October, a few lucky fans can enter early and help "shape the experience."

The first time I watched to video J.K Rowling followed her statement about a lucky few entering early with "just follow the owl." The second time I watched it, (on the Pottermore website and not Rowling's YouTube website) I didnt' catch it. So it might be worth checking out the YouTube site to see if the two video announcements vary slightly.

I'm curious to find out more about Pottermore. While J.K. Rowling did explain the premise of the website, I still find myself confused about what it actually is. Is it just the Harry Potter series plus some animated aspects? How exactly do fans get to shape the experience? I guess we will just have to wait until October to find out!

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